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Global Health Checkup is a podcast from Project HOPE focusing on news, issues, events and trends in international development and disaster relief operations. The podcast features experts, thought leaders, and people on the frontlines who are building the health capacity of nations struggling against the burdens of disease, outbreaks and humanitarian disasters. We discuss international efforts to respond to health emergencies and innovative approaches in global health.

Feb 28, 2018

One of the biggest challenges facing the global health community is not a new pandemic, a natural disaster or the aftermath of a vicious civil war – it’s a shortage of health care workers that makes dealing with all of these unrelenting situations much harder. In many countries, a lack of doctors, nurses, community health workers, and support staff is hampering the sustainability and development of health systems. Even though the world economy is expected to create 40 million new health sector jobs in the next 13 years, it won’t be enough to ensure we reach a UN-established target of ensuring that everyone, wherever they live in the world, has access to health care by 2030. Project HOPE CEO Dr. Tom Kenyon joins the Global Health Checkup podcast to discuss how to overcome the shortfall.