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Global Health Checkup is a podcast from Project HOPE focusing on news, issues, events and trends in international development and disaster relief operations. The podcast features experts, thought leaders, and people on the frontlines who are building the health capacity of nations struggling against the burdens of disease, outbreaks and humanitarian disasters. We discuss international efforts to respond to health emergencies and innovative approaches in global health.

Jul 27, 2017

Recent Ebola and Zika epidemics have tested and in some cases exposed the strategies that governments, global health NGOs and international organizations have in place to tackle major global health crises. In this episode, we look at the lessons learned from these health emergencies and ask whether the world is ready for when the next widespread pandemic hits. An influential panel of experts from the public sector, NGOs, foundations, academia and the private sector considers how the many different organizations and governments that are vital to preventing outbreaks, and limiting their toll when they occur, can best forge a unified response.