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Global Health Checkup is a podcast from Project HOPE focusing on news, issues, events and trends in international development and disaster relief operations. The podcast features experts, thought leaders, and people on the frontlines who are building the health capacity of nations struggling against the burdens of disease, outbreaks and humanitarian disasters. We discuss international efforts to respond to health emergencies and innovative approaches in global health.

Aug 14, 2017

The world is facing a new dimension to one of its perennial challenges — the plight of refugees.  Exoduses of displaced people, from the Middle East, Africa and beyond, are straining the capacity of the international community to cope. The new challenge is that increasingly, refugees don’t end up in vast tent city camps. They live in urban areas where the host community is often almost as poor as the refugees themselves.  This leaves governments and aid agencies with hard choices about who to help first.  In this episode, Project HOPE President Rabih Torbay discusses the deepening refugee problem and the strain that urban refugees pose for the infrastructure of these places — especially health care systems. Rabih is uniquely qualified to discuss these issues. He has designed relief and development programs in some of the world’s most difficult environments and managed emergency response teams to help mitigate refugee crises in Iraq, Darfur, Libya, Sierra Leone and elsewhere in West Africa as well as in Haiti.